Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ruff Ruff Bakery

Apparently people are shocked at the fact that I bake for the dogs. I guess it is shocking that I do anything in the kitchen that produces something edible but also that I go to those extent for the pups. It actually makes perfect sense, the dogs enjoy my baking and are the only ones who are appreciative and actually eat what I bake, so that is very satisfying.
The other thing is, is that I am cheap. We have 3 dogs and we go through a lot of COOKIES each day, yes, they know that word. If I were to buy all these cookies, I would be broke, so I make dozens and dozens at a time. Its amazing what you can bribe them to do with a COOKIE.
Therefore the Ruff Ruff Bakery was started, for healthy and slimming treats (use low fat ingredients) with no preservatives, which also means you have to refrigerate them and eat them soon or freeze them.
This is the two young boys, impatient for the cookies to bake - they know when I am in the kitchen, that it is for them.

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