Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New Bed

Before the holidays we realized that we really did need a good spare bed, the floors of the double wide are hard! So true to our DIY selves, we decided to build a bed on our own.

We decided to keep it simple, true to our style and utilize a mix of industrial pipe with wooden posts and then use webbing (like seatbelt material) for the support and of course, stick it on wheels for that mobilization you always want in a bed....#()*$@)($*#$

We drew up our plans, ordered the webbing and toddled off to The Depot and bought our bits and pieces. Kyle cut and threaded the pipe while I stained the posts (FSC wood ONLY!) and sewed the webbing into strapping to fit around the pipe. It was a very simple design with thought to mattress size (we bought the mattress first to measure from) and height so visitors could stow suitcases under the bed while they were here.

We screwed all the final pieces together, attached the wheels (recycled purchase from used wheels on craigslist) to the bottom and then capped the posts with petina copper posts toppers.  We put the mattress in and though our straps did a great job, the mattress still felt rather saggy, similar to those camp beds that lacked that little extra support. So we snagged a piece of plywood, rested it in the middle of the strapping and tried again - Viola, it worked.

The only final piece was the headboard and I had an idea of what I wanted to do with this and as soon as my mom got here for the holidays, we worked on making the pillows and the attachments to secure them to the pipe and leave room for the mattress.

So here is the final look pre-mattress

And here is the final product - still need to do some roughing up on the posts and maybe some more throw pillows but its already been tested thoroughly and received the double thumbs up.

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