Thursday, December 3, 2009

Power Buy Back

I just heard that our power company in CA, PG&E, will now buy back your power from your solar installation on your home. Whatever excess you do not utilize over the coarse of a year, they will purchase back from you. Massachusetts is also beginning this practice. 42 states and DC currently offer net metering in which they give you credits for the excess power you supply them that you can then use to offset the power you use at night or on stormy days. Now more states are working toward actual payment additional power you give to the grid over and above what you use. That could potentially make solar panels a money maker if you had an energy efficient home and conserved where you could.

And shocking fact, the Garden State, NJ, is second in largest residential solar installation to CA and is very solar friendly. 17 states offer solar incentives and between state and federal refunds you could potentially finance over 1/2 the cost of a solar installation....something to think about!

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