Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 in Review

2009 brought some serious out of the box thinking as far as home design was concerned, not that other years haven't seen big leaps in ingenuity and non-traditional design, but this year's designs were inspired by two main pressures we all face - Economy and Environment.

This year saw smaller, module homes come to the fore front to remind us that $250-$350 a square ft doesn't have to be the norm and we can live in custom, detailed finished homes with stunning architecture for an affordable price. Our homes can still be not only our best investment but a place to be proud of, to enjoy LIVING in ourselves and stand out from the cookie cutters of the 80's and 90's.

And there has been an enormous push to green it up, not only in the building of our homes utilizing refurbished, recycled and sustainable building resources but as important building homes that are efficient and utilitarian to run day to day. No more extra rooms we don't use more than twice a year, no more energy sucking appliances, windows and lack of insulation. High quality homes today have little to no indoor toxins (still working on getting rid of this addiction to granite countertops) and pride themselves on high comfort, ease of use and maintenance and low cost to run....isn't this logical?

Check out Jetson Green's top 62 Innovative Green Homes of 2009 - and there are 4 Container Homes on this list, I hope our hits this list in 2011!!

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