Friday, December 4, 2009

Kyle's Kitchen Drying Rack

Currently we have a very old dishwasher that we do no use. One, because its not Energy Efficient. Two, it is horrible at washing the dishes, they don't come out very clean. Three, we are somewhat opposed to dishwashers, just can't fathom how they can possibly save water. I say this because there are two of us. We don't eat a lot so when we do, we just about have to completely wash our dirty plates before they go into the dishwasher as it takes a good week to create a full load, which means that the dirty plates would be sitting there a week before being washed and that long with food caked on, no dishwasher would get them clean.

I haven't used a dishwasher yet that has gotten a full load really clean. Inevitably something has to be hand cleaned or rerun through the machine again. And this is with diligent pre-rinsing. What is the point.

Okay, rant over - so we use our dishwasher now as a great drying rack, its fantastic and works perfectly. So in the new house instead of a dishwasher Kyle had the idea of a drying cupboard. Lots of drainage, water catchment and maybe a fan. So when I saw this picture on AT this morning, I was excited, a sort of smaller take of what we had in brilliant and makes us glad we aren't the only people seeking these out of the box options to living.

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