Wednesday, November 18, 2009

San Juan Islands

It was a gorgeous day on the island today, all blustery and cold, fabulous to walk all over this end of the island, which is what we did. We came across an amazing sculpture garden that was a natural setting to tons of brilliant art pieces that covered all different mediums and styles. I loved this one of a tree falling out of its surrounding. Both Kyle and I liked the wind chimes, of which there were many.

This one was a fantastic installation, we really thought it was ingenious.

Ziggy wasn't happy with the fox, way to realistic and

gave it a couple of growls but it didn't take long for him to make friends. This fox meant no harm.

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  1. Having a blast on the islands, Island life is the life for me...Can't get enough of the deer and bronze fox. Though today they are threatening to put me in that kayak, I am dreading it...I hate my life vest and I am NOT a water dog. Okay, back to snoozing, vacations are great.