Thursday, November 5, 2009

Call for info

One of the big things we want to incorporate into the house is dead standing timber. Just like this gorgeous kitchen from Remodelista Website..
I think that bringing in natural, irregular elements to the house would soften all the straight, geometric lines of the containers. Isn't this kitchen absolutely fabulous.
So we have some big trees on our property that could use weeding out in order to maintain the health of more wooded areas. Wanting to recycle and use everything, we want to dry, strip and preserve them for use in the house, but everything I read says use carbolic acid or creosote which is really NOT going to happen on this property.....someone else said, submerge the logs under water till all the oxygen is depleted from the log, but for a 10foot plus log, this is logistically difficult.
Anyone tried this or got any ideas, I thought if we just hung them vertically off the ground and let them dry and an organic preservative would do it, but I would hate to get them installed and then in a few years they start rotting in our house.......

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