Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last Days in San Juan

Vacation is winding down, we went to Orcas Island and up Mt. Constitution yesterday which was fabulous but socked in with clouds. Today was some utterly jaw dropping views of the Olympics - what a amazing array flanking the south side of San Juan, and then to look the other directions to see Victoria, B.C.

We had a hail storm last night that was quite impressive, we got soaked to the skin running back from grabbing clam chowder (42nd bowl since we got here) to the ferry and then nearly missed the ferry as we were in the wrong lane with no ticket. We are still learning the ropes.

Today we climbed Mt. Young, Kyle had to summit something while here so the 650ft peak had to do. It was gorgeous at the top with a pillow topping of moss so thick and lush you could have kipped out right there and been comfier than at home. The views were awesome too and Ziggy had a blast running around and climbing tress ( I climbed one too).

As well as visiting an Alpaca Farm here on the island, we also went to a Lavender Farm here, which is a feat as Lavender like dry and alkaline soil, not the glacial acidic soil and constant wet conditions here on the island. But they are stunning and beautiful addition to this peaceful island. Got us thinking about our farm at home.

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