Monday, July 16, 2012


Yeh, I made a huge Oooops this weekend. While trying to help Kyle cut those little squares out for the bolts to hold the ledger for the loft, I made a bit of a mistake.

I cut them out so carefully and stayed in the lines of all my measurements and I scooped out the big pieces BUT......I let the littler pieces fall back into the wall. I figured they would make good filler in the walls.

Yeh, Uh, NO! Kyle very carefully explained to me that they took vital room away from where the concrete should be.

So this is how we spent the 2 hours of our Sunday evening until 9:30pm.

Oh Yeh - we vacuumed the inside of the walls. That is the shop vac way up there, dangling on the scaffolding.

And a 10ft piece of PVC pipe that we attached to the end of the vacuum hose.

And we sucked every last little piece of polystyrene out from within the walls. It was  long arduous task, all thanks to my handwork. Sorry babe!

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  1. Whoops! Live and learn. If this is the worst mistake, I think you are doing really, really good!!