Sunday, July 8, 2012

ICF Begins

We made a little start on the ICF block placement once all the V-Buck frames were done. As we started to put the blocks in place we ended up with lots of questions. Our ICF supplier (that just sounds funny), Kent Yonkers, put us in touch with Mike Evans of Evans ICF Construction who, low and behold, is based right out of the Shingle Springs/Placerville area, not far down the road.

Mike came up yesterday to look at our project and right off the bat, he didn't flee - a good sign. We have had quite a few different contractors from varying industries who have come right out and said they aren't interested in touching our project. Hasn't been a problem for us as we don't want to work with anyone not excited and on-board with our house and there is a lot of competition out there so we have plenty to choose from.

Evans Construction have been building ICF houses for 13 years, Mike lives in one he built and is yet another huge proponent of this type of building so we are excited to have found him. Having so much experience will help us figure out those fiddly little issues that always arise and know how to best get the blocks in place avoiding a re-do, which is my worst nightmare.

After reviewing the plans, looking at the project and talking over what we want to do and how, Mike said he and his guys are a go. So 8am tomorrow morning the ICF goes up and hopefully we will have the first course inspection later this week, fingers crossed!

Of course it will be triple digits this week and there is no shade around the house at the moment so are spending today getting a mini-fridge down there and prepping everything so those guys aren't slowed up and can stay cool.

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  1. Great find! Can't wait for more pictures. Stay cool!