Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unexpected effort

After this failed attempt to quickly paint one of the walls of the utility room was cleaned up and we found the RIGHT primer, we thought that getting back to priming the rest of the containers would be straight forward. Ahhh, yeh, not quite. I hit all the spots on the metal that needed attention, the little rust spots here and there and was feeling pretty good till Kyle came in and pointed out ALL the spots I missed.

So back out came the grinder, on the walls, on the ceiling, in the corners, on the edges.

Phew, and that ceiling shot doesn't even capture all the grinding that went on, really it doesn't. There was lots more than you can see, really. Well, upon completion of the grinding we did a quick power wash to get rid of all the dust and then let it dry.

The next day we set up the paint sprayer and filled it with primer and went to town.....

We use a Graco paint sprayer which is great for exterior or areas that don't require great precision (i.e. where you can get paint everywhere and make a huge mess). It is a 100% must have if you are painting a ceiling, it is a life saver, ridiculously quick and easy.

And this is the previously blogged about primer that works really well on the already painted metal, really does the trick. I initially bought one 5 gallon bucket of it.....uh, we are now on the third 5 gallon bucket and still have to do upstairs. The paint sprayer uses a lot of paint and this stuff is thick.

It looks so much better all white and clean and smooth. Makes a huge difference. Of course Kyle is nervous right now that somehow it will stay white, he isn't so thrilled with that fear thought.

Meanwhile Kyle has been busy doing the last preps for the floor upstairs before the radiant pex goes in. Below he installed a piece of angle iron abutting the exterior steel beam that will allow the concrete to be poured to the full height that will make it flush with the loft floor once that goes in.

And at the back of the containers Kyle installed some more, larger angle iron pieces that he had, had made. We then stuffed the cracks with insulation so it is all ready for concrete.

These are the pvc pipes that the upper floor radiant pex will run through and allow them to smoothly rundown through the floor into the utility room to the manifold.

And below is the opening all scoped out for the laundry chute that will house the porthole - Yeh!

That will house this baby on top of the concrete floor.

Phew, next up radiant.

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