Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upstairs radiant

And the last of the radiant is in!

As we did downstairs, Kyle tweaked the engineered plan as apparently they didn't get the "we can't go through the walls" but the new plan worked out and again we tailored the radiant as to where we wanted more heat (under the potty and in the shower) and less heat (the closet).

It worked out great because the doorway into the bathroom has the south side runs travelling through it which will make that walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning nice and warm.

There are 3 circuits that run upstairs which makes a total of 10 circuits for the entire house that will be worked into 3 separate zones to manage temperatures accordingly. Each circuit has a supply and a return, you can see the S or R on each pvc tube and can't be longer than 300'. Each circuit must also be similar in length to keep the pressure equal.

Here is the pex running through those pvc piping through the floor. 

And the manifold all hooked up and under pressure.

We have already had the whole upstairs inspected by the county so just waiting on Tim our concrete guy at Precision Concrete to return with the Concrete Pumper Dude, Ed, to get it poured.

Meanwhile we are onto the next - putting together the V-Buck for the window supports in the ICF portion of the house.

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