Monday, February 22, 2010

Tomato Souce Mayhem

Your having friends over, you clean away and have everything set just so for their arrival. They arrive and you are settling in and catching up, things are going well and you are all getting ready for bed when BOOM!!! An almighty rumbling followed up by a big crash.

We have a pantry cupboard in the kitchen and the top two shelves that are full of cans, jars and boxes of food came crashing down. And of course the things that break - the glass jars of tomato sauce all over the floor.

Fortunately, once our hearts slowed down and we realized that the actual mobile house wasn't falling down around our ears, we jumped on the tomato sauce with dustpans, trash cans, dish soap, vinegar, Oxy Clean and clean water.
Kyle worked his tail off and with the fast work of Jess and Brian, we caught it in the bud and this is the result the next morning. Nice work guys and good as new.


1 comment:

  1. It made for a very exciting Friday night. I was in awe of how far the tomato sauce splattered and even more amazed by how the carpet cleaned up! Kudos to Kyle!