Thursday, February 4, 2010

Air Fresheners

I am a huge fan of the plug in air fresheners. Living with 3 dogs in an old, yucky house that really needs to be torn down, those little plug in smellies puts a smile on my face when I walk into our otherwise somewhat gloomy and musty house. I am a fan of all those laundry and ocean and post-rain smells and love plugging in a new one even if they are expensive.

The one drawback they have had is that they come in a lot of needless excess packaging, though Bath & Body started selling some loose, but then you always have the empty bulb to dispose of, though they are glass for the most part.

Enter a conversation I had with my friend Lesli last weekend and her news that those things, obviously full of chemicals, but also have hormone altering affects and all these things are being spewed out at puppy nose height or little human height. Ughhhhh, what to do!!

Check out this link to some of the issues.

We did a little brainstorming but neither of us were thrilled with those reed diffusers, both have used them and they don't work, potpourri doesn't work and we both hate clutter and chotchsky. I have candles but you can't leave them unattended and have had now had 2 close calls with candle holders cracking.

So we are on the search for options - eco-friendly, non-toxic, lovely smell...maybe a lavender sachet fixed inside a heating grate or above the sink where steam might help release the smell.

Anyone have any great ideas for what they use at home, have seen anywhere or good resources, please pass them along.

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