Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Joy of Recycling

I posted a while back about refinishing the old cast iron tubs and finding a good quality DIY process to bring them back to their heyday. We have two of these old tubs and I have been very excited to actually integrate them into our new home as usable tubs and not just horse water troughs or planters. But we only  have one spare bathroom and two tubs - so what to do with the extra tub......

Drumroll.....I bring you our new couch.
HaHa - this is not really our tub but is sold for the handsome price of  £ 1,850 ($2,900) and is the creation of Reestore (UK/Online)
Now I love a good reuse and recycle as much as the next guy and I love the ingenuity of this piece but it is a little too reminiscent of the uncomfortable little antique sofas my grandmother had at her home, can't say I would want to snuggle up on this puppy and put in a good movie. Kudos for out of the box thinking though!!

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