Saturday, January 11, 2014

Foam, foam and more foam

As if it wasn't bad enough that the entire one side of our house is made up of this fluffy white foam, Kyle is a foam addict with that spray foam gun, he foams EVERYTHING with 4x more foam than he needs to fill a void. I swear he would have insulated our entire house with that little spray foam gun, just like the one below.

We have gotten a lot of the tools for the ICF block and foaming from Wind-lock, and they are great to work with. Especially when you are ordering cases of foam and foam cleaner;-)

The ICF side of the house comes pre-insulated but we needed to insulated the containers and the roof over the whole house. So we found Spray Foam Energy Solutions and George, Pedro and Dave hit the ground running on some of the hottest days of the summer and started spraying foam. It is a rough process as first off EVERYTHING has to be covered with plastic. Dave worked like a fiend getting plastic over everything and Pedro donned the big white hazmat suit and breathing apparatus and was armed with the spray gun and got started spraying foam into the roof and under the containers.

It was a few hot, hot days and I felt for Pedro in that suit and holding a spray gun with product coming out at insane temperatures. It was sure rough going but those guys powered through and got the whole house insulated in about 4 days.

It was tricky to get in all the nooks and crannies and NOT get this stuff over everything else in the house. Most of the house looked like an episode from Dexter -

Yah, freaky, right. but it did protect most of the rest of the house, though I am still pulling staples out places you never thought staples would go.

It made the house pretty weird looking, like it was full of butter but it sure filled the voids and puffed up to fill each cavity.

The insulation was sprayed in between the metals studs right to the container sides on each side of the containers as well as in the roof and underneath the containers.

And you can still see the white foam blocks of the ICF on the right, the OTHER white foam. We also sprayed foam in between the beams in the roof of the ICF portion of the house. We have rigid foam on top of the roof between the plywood sheathing, ice and snow cover, felt and the metal roofing. We also added the spray foam on the inside which will get covered up by different materials depending on the room, stay tuned!!!

Spray foaming way up on the scaffolding in the living room.

After the foam was sprayed in a sheathing of plywood went over the top and attached to the metal studs.

And then had to add another layer of rigid foam over the plywood before the siding went on. This was stop thermal bridging between the screws for the siding and the metal studs. 

The red lines are a special tape that we used over each seam to ensure that they were covered and no water would seep in there.

So onto more windows and siding for both the containers and the ICF.......Whoop, Whoop!

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