Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Real time blogging

Fast forward to this past weekend I figured I needed to blog about something far more interesting and and visually satifying than black ABS vent pipe. A post about paint drying is more interesting than ABS vent pipe. I will return to the chronological progress of the house next post.

This weekend we knocked out a big project that has been in the planning from the beginning. Remember THIS post where I attempted to design and locate our propane tank pad which will also house the generator and hold the hot water solar panels?

I created this sketch-up with the Google software and it was going okay until I realized that my wall had no back and most of the posts didn't reach the beams. But the County and our concrete guy got the idea and fortunately didn't take us seriously when they saw it mapped out....

Google maps dumped it on a restaurant roof in Boulder, CO and the sucker wouldn't budge - FAIL!

Tim Crews from Precision Concrete poured the pad and retaining wall, more on that HERE. And this weekend we got to town on finishing the structure so we can get the solar panels up.

It went up pretty easily though I have some doozy of bruises on my arms trying to get those 12' beams into place and poor Kyle took the brunt of the lifting.

Once the posts were up, the cross beams in place and the large perpendicular beams up we roofed it using some of the panels we cut out of the containers. After cleaning and grinding them, we srewed them down to the structure frame and caulked the seems. This weekend we will paint the roof top in preparation for the strutting supports to go on that will hook into the solar panels.
This little house gives shade to the propane tank, our backup power generator and a water pump. All the piping to the house comes in through the middle of the back wall. It will be easy to maintain and protect this equipment from the elements. You can tell we wrapped this project up just as the sun was setting on Sunday night.
We have some more long-term ideas for this structure that are REALLY cool but you y'all will have to wait and see. We have so many ideas for the leftover panels from the containers we might run out of them. For the time being, this is another project off the list!!


  1. Loving the progress. I reckon your SketchUp model has transformed into reality wonderfully!

    I really like your re-use of container wall offcuts as roofing - I've begun wondering what I will eventually do with all of mine.

    Looking forward to more interior fit out updates - keep up the great work.

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  4. Hey Guys - How is the progress going?? There must be some great interior fit-out going on!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and lets hope you are settled in early in 2014.

    Best wishes,

    (looks like you're getting some spam comments - you might have to change to 'preview before publishing - that will stop the little buggers!!)

    1. Hey Terry, trying to get the blog updated now but we have been flat out. Trying to meet a big deadline but things are going well and we are so excited as to how the house is coming along and we are SOOO close. I will try to get up to date with the blogs, Phew, so much work;-)

      Hope you are doing well and things are progressing on your place....status?? And yeh, changed the settings on the comments.....craziness.