Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Roof, the final roof

Things are flying along, faster than I can keep up blogging about it.

We got Evans Construction in the house and boy have they hit this house with a double whammy. In just one week we have just about all the containers framed out and......wait for it.....a ROOF on the containers. Just awesome to see so much progress everyday, these guys take no prisoners.

The Hardy Panels are installed in the upper level containers, these puppies weigh a ton, no idea how the guys got them up there.

A shot mid-framing of the containers. The exterior Hardy Panels are larger so are built a little different. You can see the windows framed out where we need to cut the containers out to match.

As I sat in my office this week everytime I peaked out of the window, BOOM, there was more wall up, or more roof. 

You might remember Mike and his team from Evans Construction and HERE, they came to help with the ICF block construction and were amazing. It was the start of summer and the temps were over 100F some days and there they were in the direct sun the whole time and worked like fiends without stopping. Well they are back to help us finish the framing part of the project and these poor containers didn't see this team coming.

The whole team up on the roof getting the fascia board installed on the edges. We went with the concrete fiber-board, which will last forever with no maintenance.

The roof over the containers is pretty much done and we have been so lucky with some fabulous sunny weather. The temps at the beginning of the week were frigid, for Northern California, but have warmed up considerably and is now a balmy 62F which makes life so nic

Now that roof framing is up they are finishing the steel stud framing to meet the roof line on the east, west and south sides. There are four windows that go in the south wall.

And on the west side, the door side of the containers, the framing and Hardi Panels will go in tomorrow.

Once the west side is framed we can get the insulation guy, George from Spray Foam Energy Solutions, to come in and start insulating the containers and the roof.

Stairs are being completed at RT Mobile in their shop and I am working on finishing all the sanding and oiling of the wood mezzanine, my arms vibrate even when I am asleep, it is non-stop but I got a new Makita sander that is fantastic, so I am armed with 3 different kinds of sanders, bordering on professional at this point.....


  1. I wish I was there to see it. What an amazing amount of work in such a short time. This is soooo exciting. Dying to see how the roof over the containers attaches to the roof over the ICF side.

  2. Fantastic progress - love how it's coming together. Won't be long before it's weathertight and you can start on the interior detailing. ("Which one of these 3,000 types of tile do we want in the bathroom??"!!)
    Can I ask what breed your largest pooch is? I've never had my own dog - but after my container build is done I'm getting a Malamute!!)

    1. Hey Terry,
      He is a rescue so not sure what he really is though I think there is some Malamute in there and we are pretty sure a little wolf too. His name is Denali after the mountain which means The Tall One, very appropriate. He is wonderful, such a sweetheart, he is the only one of his litter that they were able to find a home for, I guess the others were not dog like enough.
      You definitely should get a dog with your new place, how will a Malamute do in the heat down there? Hope you are staying cool and recovering from the trip. Can't wait to see the start of the house!!

    2. Hannah - he's a beautiful looking dog. My land is 2 hours south west of Sydney and it can get cold (relatively speaking) there in winter, with temps around 27 C (80F) max in summer and 2degC (35 F) min in winter so I think a Malamute will cope ok. I first saw a Malamute in 1986 on my cycle-Europe trip and decided there and then it was the only dog I wanted!!
      I arrived back just over a week ago from London where it was just over zero with snow, to experience Sydneys hottest day on record (45.8C - 114.5F)!! I am now living down near my land as I begin to tackle all the council planning and building regulations. Not looking forward to THAT stage!! But I can't wait to put the first hole in the ground.

  3. Building a house made of containers is a big project, and it definitely needs a professional’s expertise. I hope the roof in the container will match beautifully with the existing roof. If not, it would look odd and unbalanced. Anyway, this idea is so smart.

  4. Hi Brendan,
    Yes, actually the roof in the containers will be the roof you see on the exterior. We are cutting out the existing corrugated metal roof in the containers so it is open to the raised roof.
    Hope it works out, fingers crossed;-)

  5. It’s my first time to hear about a house made out of containers and it sounds challenging to me. Anyway, how many people are working on it? When will it be finished? I’m sure it’ll look great and everything will go as planned. Good luck!

    1. Hi Penelope,
      My husband is doing a lot of the work and I help out when I can with the house. We have contractors in to help with some of the big pieces of the house such as concrete and the roof. We have been building the house about a year and are hoping to be in it late spring, fingers crossed.

      There are quite a few container house around, at least one in each state. They are fun to build with and we can't wait to move into ours.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog, come back to keep tabs on our progress.

      Hannah and Kyle

  6. That’s beautiful! It’s rare that I see a house made of containers, and this is the first one that has truly captured my attention! I’m looking forward to the progress of your house, and I’ll be waiting for more updates on this.

    Kermit Lukacs