Saturday, January 26, 2013

Structural Part is DONE!

As the last of the roof was completed the guys helped Kyle out putting on the Ice and Snow cover which means our roof is now waterproof. 

After that they only took another a day or so to knock out the rest of the steel stud around all the containers. They are really amazingly fast, they work so fast poor Kyle had trouble keeping up and it resulted in me making a 5am trip to SCAFCO, where we have sourced all our steel stud and they have been great to work with, to get the final pieces they needed. It was really just a great excuse for me to be able to hit Starbucks for breakfast;-)

I can't believe how home like the containers feel now with the framing around the door ends.

You can see the high bedroom windows on the south side in the raised wall from the top of the containers. The wall goes from the top of the upstairs containers 5 ft to create the dog shed style roof. 

This picture shows the raised wall over the containers a little better.

So now we have to cut out the container wall where the windows and doors are going and cut out the ceiling of the containers upstairs.

This is my favorite shot of the house. Jim Briggs is working on the doors as we speak, we need to get Dave Duncan back to put in the rest of the doors and windows, source a door handle for the front and back door, find a decent doggy door that doesn't let all the heat out.....the list goes on and on.

The man mid-winter, his favorite season, though I think he wished we had some snow or were going to the snow. Sorry big guy, not this winter.


  1. Who hoo! Can't believe how fast it has gone during the last couple of weeks. Now the fun begins as you turn it into a home. Your bedroom is so high but what a view you will have. All watched over by the big D... You are in good hands.

  2. With that Ice and Snow cover on the roof, you don’t have to worry about heavy snow fall anymore. I hope you were able to finish everything before the cold season arrived. I think this is going to be a beautiful and sturdy house. I can’t wait to see it fully built.

  3. A container turned into a beautiful home? That’s a smart idea! The tough feature of the container is a good foundation to convert it into a house. I think it’s cheap, too, because you don’t need a lot of frames to have a strong structure for the house. You’ll just need a roof and another layer of siding for the exterior. But I think this kind of project requires a detailed plan to achieve a conducive living space.