Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Got 'er Done!

Finally ready for the last pour with all the top blocks in the living room in place.

Blocks and shoring in place and we got our roofing framer, Justin Anderson, to swing by and snap some guide lines for the south wall gable roof so we know we are on track and won't throw any hammers into the work when he gets here to start the framing.

These top walls are pretty high with the side walls at almost 18' and the center gable peak at almost 22'. We had Pumper Dude come by to see what he thought about using rig to pump the concrete. We had a sneaking suspicion the walls had gone too high but it has been so great working with Ed and Robert we wanted to make sure we wouldn't be able to use him this time around. He agreed it was too high and we would need a boom truck for this pump. 

So enter Tri-County Concrete Pumper and Trey and his VERY large boom truck. 

Trey was fantastic to work with and made the whole, nerve wracking process go smoothly. And of course we had the full Evans Construction crew on board.

And Ron and Georgetown Precast were concrete providers of choice once again and we got what we hope will test to be super duper, extra-strength concrete in them there walls.

Of course, concrete pour day dawned early and with the old butterflies in the tummy. It is a nerve wracking process and you are on the edge of your seat just hoping that all goes according to plan and there are no fuggled moments.

The 90' boom had no problem reaching over the house to the far side and made the entire pump go really fast.

Mike was on duty as Boom Pump Master for the day.

Tom was initially helping Dustin with the vibrator but then ended up running around adding little pieces of shoring here and there to ensure there was no concrete sculptures protruding out of the side of our house.

Bolts went in on the top course of ICF like in the spare bedroom to hold the roof beams when they are installed. All 32 bolts, goo times!

The boom went smoothly but you definitely have less control over the flow pour with the concrete and the handler (Mike) has to be proactive and anticipate the flow in order to tell the control (Trey) to cut it off before he needs or else the concrete overflows - yeh, more clean-up for Hannah.;-)

All in all the day went very smoothly. Jasper from Youngdahl came out again to take concrete samples for our 28-day concrete CRUSH test. And now no wolf can blow our house down. 

Kyle has been working his hiney off in this 100+ degree weather, I can't believe how much work he gets done in a day and how much he knows about every little aspect of this project. This house is his baby and really will be his pride and joy once it is complete. 

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  1. It's looking like a real house now. Congrats to all the crew. I knew that Kyle was brilliant. And Hannah with clean-up...remember cleaning the barn with a toothbrush? Now you know what you preparing yourself for.