Monday, August 20, 2012

The Calm AFTER the Storm

After the walls were poured we gave them a day to settle and cure and then the Evans crew came back and with Kyle they pulled down all the supports, removed all the sandbags and plastic and returned our house back to something that resembled a spacious home.

Wow, what a difference it has made getting all those supports, the space feels lovely now. 

Kyle even set up our chairs and little spool tables and we brought in the grill and had our first dinner IN our house. 

And there is my over-worked, underpaid love of my life. Yeh, I married that face.

It feels so cool to walk around the house now as it feels not only like a house but OUR house. I love it.

We get to see where the sun hits through the windows now and how things will fit into the space.

You can see all the bolts in place in the wall, just awaiting the roof.

We cleaned up all the leftover ICF pieces by cutting out the center plastic pieces and recycling the foam and the plastic centers. We were also able to empty all the sandbags and sent them home with Mike along with all those screws that went in to the shoring so he can re-use them on the next job.

So this week is getting the piping buried in the back and getting all the supplies for Justin to start on the roof.
We are also already started on another project which includes the southwest wall you see in the above picture and involves tearing all the ICF off the wall. Hehehe, yeh, you think we are crazy, we just put it up. Just wait and see!!!


  1. Most excellent! and so exciting.
    Looking REALLY good.
    Dan and Jan

  2. The house looks huge!

  3. Hey - I've just returned to civilisation after a 14 day trek (Baltoro Glacier/K2/Gondogoro La Pass) in Pakistan and am excited to see all your progress! Congratulations - it's looking like a real house now! Can't wait to see the roof go on.
    Best wishes - Terry.