Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just in the Nick of Time....

Well, yes and no. We got the beams grinded, buffed and galvanized by Tuesday night (late) in anticipation of the welding team showing up Wednesday morning to install the big old beam only for us to wake up Wednesday morning to pouring rain. They don't weld in the rain.

These beams went from 19' of this -

To this -

But our lovely beams will have to wait till Monday to be covered up with the big kahun "I" beam coming in. But it did dawn on me that we have to do this on the second floor as well. Though no beam will go up there as its not weight bearing, it will need to look good and so I am greatly looking forward to more hours of holding a metal grinding wheel above my head. Bring it!

BTW- those cables hanging to the right of the beam are temporary as they will be used to hold the beam up while it is welded and bolted into place. Next post I will include some pictures of the behemoth fork lift we have to move this sucker into place, as soon as the dang sun chooses to show its face again.

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