Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beam 'er Up

And up go the beams. RT Mobile Welding was back on site today to install some of the bigger beams on the exterior and interior of the house. One of the biggest went up along the connection of the two containers in the kitchen.

This puppy weighs over 1,100lbs.

This is the pose that every guy on site strikes for what seems like hours at a time. Why do men spend so much time staring at what they are supposed to do instead of getting on and doing it? This is Noel from RT Welding and Kyle strikin' the pose.....

Kyle set up a pretty cool rigging set up to hoist the beam effortlessly up into place and it worked like a charm. Guess all that rigging training came in handy and you can rest assured that if he is charge of rescuing you off the side of a cliff that your ascent will be smooth and thoroughly pleasant.

It was a very tight fit getting her nestled into the spot and took some tooing and froing to get it right. With Kyle is Jasper from Youngdahl who was our welding inspector helping us get the beam to fit.

And the Grade-All came in handy once again to hold the beam up in place while it was welded.

And WALLA, a new kitchen beam. And here are some shots of the exterior metal that went up on the outside of the containers.

The metal rods are where the containers will be connected to the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), the gap in the metal in the middle is where the door to the bedroom will be and up from that is the staircase that will be welded into place later on.

Next step is laying the slab insulation and then the pex tubing for the radiant floor whose design was just finished. Stay tuned:-)

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  1. Wow. This is really cool. It's fun reading about this step by step!