Friday, March 2, 2012

Monday is still the Day

Update on the Update:

Kyle's fun with graffiti on the containers - it really tells our crane guy - Tom, which container is which and which goes where tomorrow. Of course 3 of the 4 containers are facing the wrong way and will need to be spun when they are up in the air and both north containers are on the south side and the south containers on the north. Typical, huh.

We went through all the containers looking at their condition and any dents or bruises and determined which container should be go in each specific spot based on what walls are going to be removed.  We talked to Tom today and he is all set with the "big" rig and the cameras are staged and ready. 

Till tomorrow - over and out.

Quick update - the crane is due to arrive on site on Monday morning to start positioning the containers on the foundation.

We will be taking lots of pictures and some video that we will get online ASAP. I think we are going to try to rig the wildlife camera to take a picture every few minutes so we can splice together a timeline of them getting into position.

Can't wait!

Meanwhile, I made a container house page on Pinterest, there is a link of the right but you can also access it here. In the meantime I am researching....wait for it - TOILETS!!! Yeh, bet you can't WAIT for that post.

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