Friday, March 9, 2012

Containers Aloft

Yep, its over, Crane Day is over. I can't believe how cool it was to watch them so easily get placed, it went so smoothly and was quiet.

It only took 3 hours to place all the containers and they all moved into place so easily with just a little tweaking here and there. The crane was amazing, its such a compact unit and moved effortlessly. 

The crane is all one piece and they drive it as is, it is really cool and Tom handles it effortlessly.

Kyle and our unbelievably fantastic neighbor, Rob, got up on the containers and set the rigging for attachment to the crane hook. The rigging consisted of large shackles that attached one to each corner and then slings attached the shackles to the crane hook. 

Check out the video below

The first container had to fit within the bolts in the foundation for the shear walls, it popped in perfectly snug.

The second container on the downstairs was a little trickier as it wanted to push out on the west side. It was amazing how easy, once these things were lifted in to the air, they were to maneuver. It only took a slight push or pull on the guide rope to spin them around and move them back and forth.

The second floor of containers was easier as we just had to line up the corners on the back and make sure the sides were in line. But of course there was still a good bit of nudging back and forth.

So Kyle has spent the week nudging them millimeters left or right and then bolting them into place until they can be welded. This weekend we will start laying out the interior and measuring and cutting the walls to come out.

Its fantastic to have vertical progress and technically a roof over our heads even if one roof is only temporary. It was a great day, Tom Anderson at Diamond Crane was fantastic to work with and we finished up faster than we anticipated. Also HUGE shout out to Rob, our neighbor for all his help. He was a life saver.

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