Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not just moving, Moving a house

So moving is a house is way more complex and involved than I had ever anticipated. And moving a house that has sat for 40 years in the same spot is VERY complicated.

As if removing the roof (which was entirely transported to the new location - every single shingle), the deck, the porch and demolishing the concrete ramp and walkway weren't enough......

John (the home's new owner) had to pretty much strip the inside removing shower doors, mirrors, every light fixture, drawers, anything that could slightly move. All the doors were taped shut and the windows taped and secured. There was a brick surround on the floor and walls around the fireplace that was all removed (and transported to the new home location). Then the electric, gas and water were disconnected and the house was split into two.


Then all the underneath piping was removed and each side had supports inserted to hold the centers. Each side was then raised up off the piers and its tires were installed and the hitch (or tongue as is the correct term).


Once all this was done (which took forever), the homes were moved via a CAT to the top of our driveway so the mobile home movers could just roll in, hook up and leave.

Of course, as with anything that you move, there were issues. Houston - we have a flat.....

But this is not these guys' first rodeo - Oh, no sirreee Bob.

 My caulk gun to the rescue....they caulked the inside of the rim which allowed the tire to slip back on the rim and seal with the air in it.

Yes, that MacGyver guy in the middle is Kevin, our fabulous mailman. He is the brother in-law of John who is taking the house. (yeh, this guys knows how many Netflix I go through a week)

But that wasn't the last of the work - Oh NO!!

The house had to be wrapped in plastic and then criss-cross supports installed for transport. Needless to say the prepping went on till the very final moment they rolled out of the driveway.

The guys that moved the homes were sure characters as were the pilot cars drivers. The house is moving 17 miles as the crow flies but the route that they have to take, because we live on a type of island with canyons on each side, resulted in a total of 65 mile trip. It took 5hours......not sure I would want that job.

It was pretty stressful getting these things ready and watching as they left the driveway. Not sure what I expected to happen but watching a whole home that big move on these little wheels was unnerving. 

So Bye Bye little home for 3 years. Thanks for protecting us from the elements and enjoy your new home in the south (17 miles south that is).

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  1. Wow, what a project. Congratulations guys on a job well done. What a fantastic mailman and neighbor. You are very lucky to have such good people around you.