Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting it Done

This whole house project revolves predominantly around us doing most of the work. We are acting as our own contractor and taking on the majority of the projects ourselves with just the big items being fielded out to subs.

Well, with this partial demo of the old house to ready it for moving, we have gotten our first real taste of "doin' it yurself". Phew - it is rough. It took about 2 weeks of work just about every day. Some nights we were out there till after 11 o'clock at night. I found I don't function well past 9:30pm, I start getting careless with tools hence how the crow bar met the side of my face and a particularly wretched nail wanted to live in my knee.

The demo included removing the back deck and closet, removing the front porch, demoing the large handicap path made of concrete, removing most of the interior wood panels for use in the new house and of course this is after we moved all our stuff out and into storage.

It was exhausting and though demo is fun and I love just being active and productive, mentally its rough because we are tearing apart and not putting our new house together. Soon enough we will be out there at 11pm installing radiant tubing in the flooring and I will still be whacking my thumb with the hammer and crying that I wished I was in Hawaii!

Kyle is amazing and is such a workhorse through all this. He really pushes the schedule and gets things done. The day we took out the handicap path (yes, our neighbors hate us for the jackhammer for 16 hours that day) he was on that jackhammer for over 12 hours. The path was a beast to get rid of. I got a turn on it at the end of the end of the night on the flat part of the path - now that is a VERY cool toy.

Update to house - the dozer hasn't moved this morning, not sure what is going on. House still IN THE WAY!

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