Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Truck Lined Boots

Kyle is brilliant (at least I think so). He is always thinking out of the box and comes up with great solutions to problems that I would NEVER have thought of.

Recently he got 2 new pairs of Blundstone boots, the greatest boots ever made in my opinion. He got a pair for working on the farm that have steel toes and a pair that he will keep "for good". For any of you that know Kyle, wearing a non-working pair of boots that aren't caked with mud is pretty dressed up for him.

The steel toed boots that he got for the farm always get pretty scuffed very quickly. Because of the steel front, the leather doesn't give when it hits anything and thus the leather gets a hard wearing in a short time.

So enter Kyle's thought process - Rhino coat type of covering does a great job protecting my truck bed, why wouldn't it work for my boots! But of course.

He used Truck Bed Coating by Dupli-Color and taped off the toes of his boots and applied to clean leather. He then let them dry and this is the result.

Will let you know how long it holds up. Even if its only a few months, its easy enough to reapply continuously.  And of course I love that he has patent leather toes now!!! Bling Bling....


  1. We call them 'Blunnies' and they're the best thing to come out of Australia in my opinion!! I've been wearing nothing else for the last 30 years!!

    Bought my last lot (2 pairs for the price of one) in Tasmania after my previous pair 'died' after finishing the Overland Track - 6 days trekking in appalling conditions!! (see last photo from my travel blog: )

    That was almost 5 years ago and I am still wearing the first pair - the second has been put away for when the current ones have had it!

  2. Oh, thanks for another blog to peruse through. 'Blunnies' are the absolute best. Those things are so comfy and so tough. The Tasmanians are brilliant. Rode horses in mine though a pair didn't make it 5 years, we are both still wearing them and they double as Kyle's 'good' shoes too!
    Thanks again for the blog fix..