Friday, May 20, 2011

GOATS - Jollity Farm

After reading in our local paper (The Georgetown Gazette, and no it is not carved into rock, it is printed, on paper, still) that there was a new goat farm, Jollity Farm,  and it had just become licensed to sell the cheese that they make onsite from their own goats.

So I ran over as fast as I could to check it out and meet the goats.

Charley and Kyleen have over 40 goats with more babies on the way. They had some of this year's babies already on the ground and they were so ridiculously cute but didn't want to be photographed.

I got a full tour of the facility seeing where they sleep, are milked, where the milk is filtered and the cheese is made and aged.


After I bought 4 kinds of goat cheese I headed back down to take some pictures of the cuties.

They were so excited to see me and came running up to the fence and standing on anything they could find to get as close to me as possible.

They were so inquisitive and put their faces right next to mine for lots of smooches. Of course, what I didn't realize that was while I was smooching on them, they were eating my camera!

They were fantastic, and to think that I would be munching on their milk tonight was so cool.

I think even they were pretty impressed with themselves and put on a little show for me.

They had lovely grassy fields to eat in and they were all so shiny and healthy and happy and people friendly.

Sighh, I cannot wait to go back (and drag Kyle with me) and get more cheese and more goat pictures. 

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