Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Radiant Floor Heat

So an article on AT today featured DIY Radiant Heat floors. As we move forward on the house, this is becoming a reality that is fast approaching. Our plan is to have concrete floors with radiant heat plumbed into a solar hot water heater with propane back-up, because we all know I don't like to be cold!


Apparently the reviews on installing your own radiant floor are mixed with varying degrees of difficulty. I am a bit worried as if you make a mistake, its a BIG effort to fix it once the top finish layer of concrete is poured. Hmmm, that would stink. I am hoping that it might be easier in a house from scratch rather then retrofitting an existing floor, but this still doesn't sound like a walk in the park.  Other sources for the DIY Radiant Heat direction are on casaGURU and Design2Share.


  1. If I ever build my own home, radiant heat in the flooring is a MUST! Perhaps this is one of the items you get one professional to assist you in?

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