Friday, September 11, 2009

I laugh all the way to the bank

For those who scoff at all our DIY efforts - take this!!

A previous post I showed our new home office (as I work at home most of the week).  Kyle had built me a new desk. I was made from a closet door we took out of the double wide and he used pipe and galvanized fittings and wheels. Very cool, industrial looking, which isn't everyone's taste, we recognize but its definitely ours.

Well, it must be someone else's taste too because the same darn desk is at Restoration Hardware and yes, it has a traditional RH price tag - $1295 plus shipping.....ours = $35 for the pipe, of course Kyle's time to make it = $Priceless!!!!

And no, ours isn't quite as rustic as theirs - okay, I will spill some acid and beat it with a chain - wait, I like the black and galvanized...screw 'em.

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