Thursday, August 27, 2009

Concrete TV

Last year I spent a few months working with a great concrete master in the Bary Area, Nick  Relampagos at Its Concrete. Nick has not only trained with the two BEST concrete artists in the country, Cheng Concrete and Buddy Rhodes Concrete, he is immensely talented himself and his work is stunning.

Nick was recently featured on an episode of HGTV's Color Splash as they redid a kitchen in S.F. The episode already aired and I couldn't see it but it will be re-aired on Sunday, September 12th @ 3:30pm on HGTV. So set your TiVo's and make sure you catch Nick in action and he gorgeous concrete work. One day I hope to be that good and that successful with concrete - I am working on it.

So check out Nick's website and the show and if you are interested in having any of this amazing custom concrete work done, fireplace, countertops, sinks, tables etc... and you aren't near us here in N. CA - then just check out Cheng Concrete and Buddy Rhodes for approved Artisans in your area.

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