Friday, April 12, 2013

California Blacksmith Ass. Spring Conference

We spent today at the CBA (California Blacksmith Association) Spring Conference which was amazing. Tons of smithies from the state and even beyond, all gathered to teach and work on amazing creations.

There are competitions with some incredibly creative and beautifully executed works. Famous smithies lecture and give demonstrations and then you get the chance try your hand with their input as you go.

Kyle made some chisels and a beautiful leaf. The talent and things that can be created with metal is astounding. One criticism is that there are too many grape vines, but then we do live in California.

I am excited that, as Kyle gets better, all the things he can make for the house. And of course, mom Jo has already made numerous requests.

Kyle trying his hand at one of the seminars

Hard at it - this is not quick work.

This competition entry from THESE guys was amazing and WON!! The rock spins between the metal clamp. The whole thing was made in just over a day.

This one was made by THESE guys and this picture doesn't do it justice. The whole thing was made from a pry bar and was NOT cut anywhere, it is one continuous piece. It balances on that big block of steel and the rock is counter balanced by the triangular steel at the bottom.

Boy is it windy - so elegant.

Here fishy, fishy....very creative and cool.


  1. Hey Hannah and Kyle - how's the progress??
    Your post heading was very misleading - I couldn't see a single blacksmith's ass in that last post!!
    Dying for more photos - I'm building vicariously through you guys for the time being!
    BUT....I've ordered my first container (woo hoo) which will become storage and workshop until the others arrive (3 more). The first will then also become part of the house. I have to wait until council approves my building plans before I am allowed more than one container on my property.
    Hope all is going well,

    1. Haha, There is actually a blacksmith's ass in the second picture....only it isn't a particularly top of the line specimen, there were better;-)

      Ugh, yes, need to update blog, desperately. This weekend but we are pushing along. Note to self, clean, scrape rust and insulate the bottom of the containers before you place them, miserable job after the fact. Also, cutting out and framing the windows takes 4x longer than anticipated.....

      It is still all worth it, keep going. Hopefully your Building Council sees the light soon and let's you get more than one, will be a small house otherwise. Check back soon, pics and updates to come.