Sunday, November 18, 2012

Window delivery

Windows are to be delivered today. Talked to the truckers this morning and all was good.

While we wait for the delivery we get a call, the truck was pulled over by CHP for being too long - 83'. Apparently not something the trucking company checked beforehand.

So back the windows go to a warehouse to be loaded onto a smaller truck to try to get back up here.

Wait, no warehouse will take them as they are not palleted.

So contact a small trucking company to pick them up, same problem, no one will take them as they aren't palleted.

Our fabulous window guy, Mike Hartman of Cavolt & Sons, contacts another window contractor that agrees to take the windows and then deliver them the next day. The trucker won't go to his shop for fear of a fine.

Windows still sitting at a truck stop on the side of Rte 80 for over 24 hrs now.

So off Mike goes with his own window installer to pick up the windows themselves on the side of the highway, load them into their car/truck/trailer etc... and bring them to the house themselves.

Thanks to Mike Hartman, Dave Duncan of DAD's Glass, James and Karl of Anderson Pacific Builders for helping to unload them at the house.

We have just to get them installed.

And they came with their own whoopsie cushion;-)


  1. What a cluster! Big thanks to your team for getting them there. The trucking company...or whoever packed these up better rethink their delivery standards!

  2. Woo! Lock-up is just around the corner. How exciting.