Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't Look Up

Because for a long time this was all you would see. 

It is a very pretty blue ski and at night the stars are amazing....BUT that won't be the case in a week when the rain starts!

So this is where Anderson Pacific Builders shows up and puts our roof, and low and behold they are here.

That is James in the shot above setting that big ol' glulam in place in the spare bedroom and it is actually the smallest of the three going into the house. We will have to get a crane to get the other two in place.

The other guy up there is Justin Anderson himself. This roofline on the spare bedroom has actually been a mathematical headache for Justin, we forced him to go back to his high school calculus to figure it out, I think it caused him some physical pain but turned out great.

That is Kyle on the ladder making sure it is level.

And here is a bird's eye view of the beam in place, isn't she a beauty.

We actually had a little party in the house the other night which was really fun. Can't wait till the windows and the roof are in and on.

We had a pretty nice sunset that night too. View from the back of the house.

The windows should be here in about two weeks and tomorrow we are the hunt for plank flooring for the loft area. Tonight Kyle is at another blacksmith class, can't wait to start making cool metal stuff for the house.

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