Friday, January 21, 2011

Opting Out

I get excited for the mail to come. Not that anything really exciting comes by mail anymore, unless its those ever so generous folks at Amazon who seem to adore Kyle and send him gifts all the time;-)

So the mailman comes and I cannot wait to see what has come, who loves us or what exciting things I am going to learn from my magazines. Yes, I have become a magazine addict and love my subscriptions. I have a good amount that come, mostly house stuff and building things. They are great and I keep them all as reference. But the guilt of all that paper being used on me does get me down. So I figure its time to cut down (again) on all the paper I receive but DON'T want. Like all those catalogs - who shops from a catalog anymore, I just go online. And the phone books (yellow pages) - Kyle LOVES these things. They drive me crazy, because I can never find what I am looking for, it still necessitates a phone call (I hate talking on the phone) and they take up so much room and you have to have one for every since town in the area. We have a ton and I have decided that enough is enough and we are opting out.

(This is a test to see if Kyle reads this blog without being prompted because he will throwing a hissy fit if he finds out I canceled all our phone books...stay tuned)

So - in case you all want to follow suit:

  • Opt out of Phone Books HERE
  • Opt out of Catalogs HERE
  • Opt out of Credit Card Offers HERE
  • Opt out of Direct Marketing HERE
  • Opt out of those Stupid Blue Valu-Paks that never have anything you are interested in HERE - Note:You need to enter the info exactly as it's printed on the Val-Pak you receive, so you may have to wait until you receive the next one. You can also email with "Remove From Mailing" in the subject line. Again, you need to include your information exactly as it appears on the envelope.
  • And then try this DONOTMAILREGISTRY - hopefully it will cover all the other garbage the above links didn't HERE
DoNotMail claims that "...more than 100,000,000,000 pieces of junk mail are delivered each year—that’s more than 800 pieces per household. In fact, junk mail in the United States accounts for one-third of all the mail delivered in the world. Even though 44% of that mail goes to the landfill unopened (source: EPA), we still spend 8 months of our lives dealing with it all." source - Greenhab

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  1. Yes, but then what would I use for starting my fireplace?