Monday, July 19, 2010

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl

Kyle asked me if I wanted a new car or a little utility vehicle for tooling around the land. I chose Lola and now that i work at home she also serves as my commuter vehicle, though Ziggy often causes a back up on the driveway as he stops to sniff and pee.

Lola is fantastic. She is the best thing we could have ever gotten for the farm. Her little pick up part lifts so she can dump. She has a better drink holder than my car and she even has headlights. She goes through any kind of terrain, she is just amazing. Lover HER!!

 For a little while I had all my tools in a bag that I kept in the cab part. But every time Ziggy or Kyle got in there was no room. So Kyle built me a little toolbox welded on the front, its fantastic.

It fits everything I need as we trundle around the property.
Also, behind the driver's seat is my Rattlesnake Wrangler tool. We are actually getting some rattlesnake tongs to be able to move the suckers when we find them and relocate them somewhere in the forest to live their lovely lives far, far away.


  1. I love the added tool box! What a great idea. Good job, Kyle!

  2. I like the accessability of the rattlesnake wrangler tool!

  3. Rattlesnakes far far away - This I like. Have no problem with them when they are nowhere near me.