Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let there be Light

We had a weekend of lighting, lights and light bulbs. My new office that we are building up in the workshop, its always good to work outside the home, even if it is just a couple of hundred feet from my home, was in need of some lighting as we close it in from the rest of the workshop.

We did put in 2 windows so we will get some air flow and light from the interior of the shop and are planning on installing 2 exterior windows so I can stare at the view instead of work we can get the breezes in the summer from up the valley, which will be nice. But we wanted to come up with a cheap lighting fixture that hung over the desk area but  wasn't fluorescent strip lighting. Here is what we came up with -
We used small galvanized buckets with simple light fixtures and hung them over the desk area.

We weren't sure what to hang them from as the ceiling in the workshop office is quite high. So enter, a cottonwood branch cut last year. It was a perfect fit and we curled the lamp cords around the branch to the electrical outlet.
It is working out perfectly with lots of light flowing on the desk, no loss of workspace and its lovely soft lighting from globe CFLs. I am thrilled with our experiment.

Our second lighting project was in our current kitchen. As most know, we refuse to spend a dime or a second on this current abode as its not worth it and will be torn down next year. BUT - the lighting in the kitchen was getting on my every nerve, between the horrid, cold, stark fluorescent light strip, but it was also the ultimate bug collector which drove me nuts. I recently got hold of the new SUNSET Green Home Design Book, which is fantastic and got an idea of a light fixture from there and so off we went to source out some fixtures that would fit the bill.

And here is what we ended up with -
Yes, its another galvanized bucket with a light fixture recessed inside. What a difference. Kyle installed it while I was at work and I cam home and couldn't believe the difference in the lighting and how more comfortable the space looked (as comfy as our double wide can be) and best of all, it doesn't provide a resting place for the buggies. I never realized how important lighting, types, placement, style etc. was. It makes a HUGE difference to a space.

Well, now we are on a roll and have tons of ideas for new lighting options...its pretty cool and fun to come up with new ideas and styles so stay tuned for more.


  1. Looks great! What a great idea for better lighting!

  2. Love this, where did you put the microwave? Jo