Friday, October 23, 2009

The new farm name

So it was time to leave Bagelpower behind, though NEVER to be forgotten, he was a puppy only his mother could love, the little rascal. We started on the epic journey to find a new name for our property. The whole naming dynamic of homes and properties sits differently with some people. Some think it pretentious, others unnecessary and some love it. We feel that this is our home, we have and will be pouring immense amounts of time, money, attention, sweat and blood into this place to make it everything we want and therefore it deserves more than a number, it deserves a name. It is unique after all.

So the obvious choice came up, Shoo Fly Farms (thanks Debbie H.(Lesli's mom) for being supportive of that one) and it is pretty cool as Shoo Fly is a type of slate that is found in this area, albeit not very nice slate. But its a long road and we searched from something more definitive of our property. The property is also shaped liked a King's Crown, but all those names were far too regal for us.

For those who have been here, our driveway is lined with Cottonwood trees. They are gorgeous and give such an inviting gateway to what will soon be our beautiful new home (not so much to the double wide that they currently lead to). Also unique to this property on this road is that it is meadowy - as you get higher into the foothills it gets very wooded but our property is grassy with shrubs and fruit trees and creeks running through - so hence Cottonwood Meadow.

So now that is out of the way we will be coming out with a new website and some new plans for the property. Our architect is just about done with the plans for the house, the structural engineer is being secured as we speak and then its on to the permitting process.....probably the most unknown entity of this entire process, so sit tight for a bumpy road.

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